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A huge Thank You to you and Sifael and all the KiliBase team for making our trip such a wonderful one. We were taken care of every step of the way, with the quality food (we're still in awe at how Robert performs his magic on the mountain!) the knowledgeable and friendly guides (we felt honored to have Sifael lead us, and Gabriel was great, too) and the little touches like the hot water bottle "babies" at night. The hotels either end of our stay were excellent as well, in fact I have to say that the whole operation was outstanding. I also appreciate that you kept Keith informed along the way; your emails came at exactly the right time to reassure him that we were OK. We have some great photos and some unforgettable memories, and we are very grateful to you and Sifael for making this dream of climbing Kili come true.

I hope to take Keith over there in a few years for a safari (and maybe I'll climb Meru!).
Until then, best wishes to you and thank you again,


Jan 2016


I’ve been meaning to send a little note since I’ve got back from my travels, but I was flat out with finishing my thesis for the past 6 weeks. Now that is done and dusted, and I’m back to dreaming up the next holiday!

I really just wanted to thank you for all of your assistance and patience in getting our trip organised. We had an absolutely amazing time and wouldn’t have done it any differently. Sifael and Gabrielle were great guides; Robert amazed us with his food; and Wilson always brought a smile to our face. A really great crew. The basic option was perfect for us, and I honestly can’t imagine how it would get any better than that! My only change to suggest is that I think the accommodation offered for the basic option was a bit too luxe. We would have preferred to go much more budget, and could have cut a couple of hundred off the total package. On our final night in Moshi we actually stayed at the backpackers, and that was surprisingly nice and suited our needs perfectly. All in all though, amazing!

There was a slight confusion with the start date – I arrived late on Saturday night and Wallace was expecting us to leave the next morning, whereas I thought I had planned a day rest. I’ve seen where the confusion happened – we had discussed that we would have a day in-between, but in the final itinerary it wasn’t accounted for and I didn’t pick it up. I was really grateful that Wallace was still able to accommodate us and delay the start date. I was quite jetlag and not sure I would have coped otherwise. I also found out that morning we were meant to climb that my sister had had her baby, so I was thankful to be in Moshi and have the opportunity to talk to family. Anyway, sorry for any confusion and inconvenience caused there, but thanks to everyone for working around us. I guess the benefit of it just being the two of us climbing.

I won’t hesitate to recommend you guys to anyone else. Thank you again. I’ve sent Wallace a few photos from the trip, but here is a link to some others if you are interested. I’m sure you’ve seen a fair few renditions of these photos though!

Thanks again for all of your help,
Anna Bowring

Sept 2015


The guide on the Kili climb was awesome. Really, really professional and very good with people. I would recommend him to everyone. We all loved him and his company, Kilibase Adventures.’

Africa Answers
October 2015


In 2010 we had the pleasure of being led by Wallace of KILI BASE ADVENTURES on the Rongai route for the Mount Kilimanjaro Climb. We successfully made the summit thanks to Wallace and his hard working team.

Wallace was extremely professional with a wonderful team who looked after us superbly. He did his utmost to make sure we had a pleasurable and successful trip and is very knowledgeable about the local flora and fauna.

Dale and Pete Maung (New Zealand)

I can't imagine climbing Kilimanjaro with anyone else but Wallace and his crew. They did a great job of making our group feel like family and took care of us from the time we signed up till after we got home. Kili Base Adventures is a top class organization and if I ever climb again it will be with them!
From Big Flats, New York.

Matthew Murray

Wallace and his crew were incredible. We went up the mountain like a family and I am 100% confident I would not have summitted without their support! Climbing with them was the chance of a lifetime and I will forever be grateful for their friendship! Meghan Tschanz

From Megan Tschanz, USA.

"Our group completed the Lemsho route in February 2013 with Kili Base Adventures. I can thoroughly recommend them. Our guide, Wallace, was fantastic and it was his experience and expertise that enabled all of our group to make the summit! Thanks to Wallace, the other guides and porters, and the team at Kili Base Adventures. Martin."

Kaka Martin