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Worthy time spent in Tanzania with Kili Base Adventures.

Kili Base Adventures is a registered tour operator with our head office based in Moshi, Tanzania (In the foothills of Kilimanjaro). We take customers safely and securely on treks up Kilimanjaro and other nearby mountains. We specialise in running tailor-made and group adventures. We also offer a range of exciting safaris to suit all budgets. We have joint British and Tanzanian ownership with representative offices in key markets

Why Us

Kili Base Adventures is committed to sustaining the character and integrity of each place we visit-its environment, culture, and heritage, and the wellbeing of its residents.

Every traveller is different and with that in mind, we offer the widest selection of routes and complete flexibility so that you can choose the perfect holiday for you - at a price which suits your budget. All our climbs can depart daily and you will have your own private climbing team for you and your friends. Use our website to explore the different options. We have passed on cost savings to you too. You will pay less travelling as a group than you would on your own.

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Clients Experience

A huge Thank You to you and Sifael and all the KiliBase team for making our trip such a wonderful one. We were taken care of every step of the way, with the quality food (we're still in awe at how Robert performs his magic on the mountain!) the knowledgeable and friendly guides (we felt honored to have Sifael lead us, and Gabriel was great, too) and the little touches like the hot water bottle "babies" at night. The hotels either end of our stay were excellent as well, in fact I have to say that the whole operation was outstanding. I also appreciate that you kept Keith informed along the way; your emails came at exactly the right time to reassure him that we were OK. We have some great photos and some unforgettable memories, and we are very grateful to you and Sifael for making this dream of climbing Kili come true..


I’ve been meaning to send a little note since I’ve got back from my travels, but I was flat out with finishing my thesis for the past 6 weeks. Now that is done and dusted, and I’m back to dreaming up the next holiday!

Anna Bowring

I can't imagine climbing Kilimanjaro with anyone else but Wallace and his crew. They did a great job of making our group feel like family and took care of us from the time we signed up till after we got home. Kili Base Adventures is a top class organization and if I ever climb again it will be with them!

Matthew Murray From Big Flats, New York.