Your Crew

When you join us for a trek you will have a crew which includes; the chief guide, a cook and porters. Our chief guides are very experienced and speak good English. They will ensure your safety and welfare throughout your trip. They have a comprehensive knowledge of the mountain and will take time to show you the flora and fauna. They will also be alert for any early signs of altitude sickness and take all necessary steps to ensure your safety. With two or more people travelling together, we will also provide you with an assistant guide. Your cook will prepare nutritious and tasty food for you. With increasing altitude, it is common for people to lose their appetite so we make it our business to ensure we offer you a variety of delicious meals to keep your strength up. The guides will also encourage you to stay hydrated - and we strongly recommend that you bring a camel pack for drinking water to place in your day-pack. The number of porters who will be travelling with you will vary depending on the style of trip you select. Our deluxe trips have more porters as we carry more equipment.

While trekking you will principally been guided by one of our certified guide(s). These guides are trained by the Mount Kilimanjaro National Park Authority. In most cases they are former Mount Kilimanjaro porters who have worked on the mountain for not less than 4 years and have also completed a comprehensive guide course. It is against park regulations as well as extremely dangerous to trek up Kilimanjaro without a certified guide. Professional guides can quickly spot and diagnose symptoms of altitude sickness and will monitor your health closely.

Our porters making a steep and careful ascent
Porters are the real heroes of Kilimanjaro

The welfare of all our staff including our porters is very important to us as a business. We are proud of the fact that Mr Sifael Malle, one of our co-founders started his career as a porter aged 17. We are committed to making sure everyone is looked after.

The maximum pack weight is 15kg for
climbing crew including porters
Regular stops for refreshment and rehydration
are vital for everyone

Tipping each crew member directly is the best way to ensure that the full amount of tip is received. We will provide you with envelopes for you to place your tips in, so that you can hand it to each porter individually.

In order to provide more transparency, Kili Base Adventures have created a tipping calculator for each climb. This will tell you the exact amount of cash you will need to bring for tips. The amount is based on the number of staff who will be with you and the duration of your trip. Tips should be factored into your budget when you are calculating how much money to bring with you on holiday.

If tipping recommendations are not offered, see below for the current recommended amount for each crew member:

Porter: US$ 15 per day
Chef: US$ 20 per day
Assistant Guide: US$ 20 per day
Guide: US$ 25 per day

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