Selous Game Reserve


The game reserve gets its name from the hunter-explorer Frederick Courtney Selous, whose books about his exploits were best sellers in Victorian England. Selous was killed by an Elephant in early 1900's during the First World War.

The Selous Game Reserve is the largest protected wildlife area in Africa. Only in the Serengeti will visitors see a greater concentration of wildlife. The Selous boasts Tanzania's largest population of elephant as well as large numbers of buffalo, hippo and wild dog. The remaining African Black Rhinos are also present in the reserve.

Other species commonly seen are sable antelope, bushbuck, impala, giraffe, lion, eland, baboon, zebra, crocodiles, leopard and greater kudu.

The topography of the Selous varies from rolling savannah woodland, grassland plains and rocky outcrops cut by the Rufiji River and its tributaries, the Kilombero and Luwegu, which together cover the greatest catchments area in East Africa. The Rufiji, which flows from north to south, provides the life-blood of the Selous and sailing or rafting down the river is a wonderful way of seeing game, especially during the dry season between June and October.

The Rufiji River outside the reserve has a delta which accommodates numerous birdlife species appropriate for the bird watchers to visit. Walking safaris can be arranged. Advance booking is recommended for walking safaris.

The Selous Game Reserve
A Kudu in the Selous Game Reserve
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