Mahale Mountains National Park


There is a chimpanzee sanctuary in the Mahale Mountains National Park which can reached by boat from Kigoma. Covering an area of 1,613 square kilometers, its western boundary is the shore of Lake Tanganyika. The vegetation of the Mahale National Park is predominantly Miombo woodland and lush forest along the banks of the rivers. The chimpanzee population of the park is estimated to be about 1,000 and they can be seen, in groups of between five and 30 at a time, in their natural habitat. Other primates such as baboons and colobus monkeys, bush pig, porcupine and other animals are found in the north while to the south live; various antelope species, lion, elephant, buffalo and giraffe.

The landscape of the Mahale National Park
The Bush Pig 'Potamochoerus Porcus', is noturnal and
although common in number is rarely seen.
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